BUITEMS is Quetta personified. The university is blazing trails for others to follow in the arena of events and activities related to science and technology, economics arts and culture. BUITEMS has been trying to develop a link between inventions, research and scholarship, on one hand, and their applied social, environmental and commercial value, on the other. In recent years, BUITEMS has surfaced as an institution full of promise and prospect for academia and life in general in Pakistan. BUITEMS’ spearheading of the mission ICE Cube is a glaring example in this regard. All this stands testimonial to BUITEMS’ acknowledgment of and belief in the reservoirs of potential and talents which is precisely what the ICE Cube endeavors to unearth.

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BUITEMS Takattu Campus, Quetta, Pakistan

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), has given a new vision and distinct meaning to education. BUITEMS is located in Quetta, also called the fruit basket of Pakistan. Quetta is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan distinguished by the unique backdrop of mountains, beautiful lakes and fruit orchards in the outskirts.

Nearby Locations

  • Quetta International Airport (2.0 miles)
  • Serena Hotel (4.5 Miles)
  • Quetta Railway Station (5.0 Miles)